weekend wandering

This weekend was muffled with sickness, yet strangly alive to simple pleasures! I always find it interresting that when health is suspended, other senses are often heightened.
This morning I woke to light dancing at my window:

:: I rolled with laughter as this wee one tried (successfully) to steal some of her 'soccer-star-big-sister's' glory by showing us her 'moves' in pajama's and dress! All those little-girl dreams trying so hard to fill big-girl shoes...I hope she never stops dreaming!

:: We all made our preparations to welcome home treasured friends

:: I keep returning to these fresh-cut slabs and their natural beauty as preparations for holiday workshops take on a frenzy!

:: we all enjoy home-grown goodness at a shared table with friends...the fetta + basil pesto was my favorite!