Final Stampmaking class

We have had such a marvellous time in our intimate afternoon stamping class. The children have tumbled in windblown from a day at school and it has been wonderful to see how much enjoyment and enthusiasm they have shown for their art class!

:: Australian Artist, Rachel Newling linocut

In our first week, we looked at the ancient art of woodblock carving, through lino carving and enjoyed inspiration from the masters, Matisse and Picasso as well as contemporary Australian linocut artists. We then began planning our designs, drawing and learning about positive and negative images. We completed this full class with a basic introduction to stamp production, a negative image using a blunt pencil and sheet of foam...

:: Caleb's creations - aren't they wonderful!

In our second class, the confidence and enthusiasm was mounting as the children learned a new skill, the art of carving their own positive and negative images in soft rubber to make their own stamps -the results were spectacular!
This week, we complete the series by using our very own stamps to make gift tags, gift bags, and stamp on fabric and produce a journal cover! The children will take home the products together with their handmade stamps, and most inspiringly, a new skill learned. It is my hope there will be many more making days ahead at home!
I have so enjoyed the intimate group and watching their confidence blossom as they mastered the techniques. Our conversations have been imaginative and inspiring!

Thank you to each of my students - you truely are artists - keep creating! xx M