weekend wanderings

I love this 'underneath' space at Riverbend books + Teahouse - just perfect for a children's art studio - light + airy, plenty of room to spread out and make a bit of mess + noise!

We had a wonderful beginning to our underwater inspiration series 1 on Saturday morning! The children were a delight and with a smaller group, there was much group banter, discovering things in common, lots of sharing stories and chatter! Working with our now-familiar log-pedistal as a platform for sculptural masterpieces, the children formed magical underwater gardens using their favourate sea creatures hidden in textured finger coral!

We had a visual feast of natural sea treasures, energised with fluro accents - just perfect to conjour a vibrant coral playground!

We read 'the hidden forest' by Jeanie Baker - a wonderful catalyst for conversation about scary, slimy and sensational underwater creatures!

And can you believe, I was so engaged with the children and their amazing creations that I completely forgot to take some pics of their work - will need to request some shots from parents I think! I just know you would love the amazing octopus + turtle + creatures hidden in a giant shell that they came up with - the result of imagining big + taking the time to create what they see with their mind's eye! An excellent first morning all round!