diorama delight!

I love how this last class in our inspiration series truly reflected each child, their interests and imagination!
With a treasure-trove of media from ocean creature sketches to pompom anemonies to clay clam shells + boats, the children gathered and wove a story from their own imagination to support their 3D wonderland!

Even though we ran through some particulars of diorama making, taking particular note of elements in the backgound, mid and foreground and using the 'tab' technique on card elements to make them stand, each child showed a preference for their own unique embellishments.

I loved how this project became a wonderful reflection of each personality! One beautiful girl wanted her diorama to be 'elegant, glittery and beautiful!' and wrote a poem to accompany, another wrote a delightful tale of deep sea-adventure on a 'deep sea scroll' to tell her story, another still had 'moving parts' in her narrative!

It has been a truly magical journey through the inspiration 'under the sea'....the intimate group were a delight to teach and we all found it a wonderful way to weave creativity into our weekend!