weekday weave

I find that, once out of the regular habit of something, it is such a struggle to launch back into it. There is much creative experimentation quietly happening amid the family chaos + small business juggle around here...it is high time I shared a few snaps!

I must confess to a little instagram obsession of late. It fits my everyday like a glove in terms of ease and useability - I'm taking photographs all the time as I document my creative process and instagram just gives me a quick and easy way of sharing. Connecting with other creative + encouraging voices is a nice bonus too!
So if you'd like to follow along, I am @mguyatt rather than weaveandwonder....
That said, some of these creative meanderings have been posted on instagram already!

:: vessels seem to have a way of multiplying here! My passion + enjoyment of late is experiementing with unusual materials...this one is made using garden tie!

:: of course, christmas classes are in a frenzy of experimentation + lesson planning - more on this very soon!

:: little sculptures pop up around my home, generally crafted when I am sitting in the car waiting for someone or other to finish some activity!! An art catalogue became a geometric sculpture, now perched above my light switch.

:: bags and totes are made here with similar regularity..always experimenting with new designs and materials. This beautiful soft leather fold over clutch is a new favourite!

:: a wonderful new custom design shelf is gracing our home, made using beautiful strong leather strap...such a lovely textural detail to compliment our ever-changing collections! [The wire sculpture 'hope' is by my daughter in creative response to my wire word making] I have had interest in custom orders for both the shelves + the wire word sculpture, feel free to email me if you are interested!