the WEAVE+WONDER platform

What a delightful ride! I thoroughly enjoyed teaching a beautiful group of children this week at our first WEAVE+WONDER classes in the Gallery Cafe! They are all so creative and unique!
The cafe was a 'theatre setting' of sorts for the classes with great interest from passers by! The children and I, however, were lost in our creativity, each one engaged thoughtfully and purposefully!

I am hopeful that the children were encouraged and inspired to express themselves throughout our making time together and have come away with a sense of pride in their work and delight in all they have achieved. It is my hope that these classes will be a platform from which, children will continue to search, discover and create with materials in nature and around the home.
The natural world is bursting with inspiration and collectable matierials for mixed media artwork - stamping with leaves and paint, mobiles with driftwood, seeds, almost anything! Good quality materials always satisfy a budding artist - a natural colour palette, good paint, quality pencils and textural collage such as wool and fabric...etc.
I am hopeful our story time GATHERED, our images of great art INSPIRED, and above all our making time NURTURED the artist in each of the children!
I have been so pleased and humbled by the interest in and support of WEAVE+WONDER and trust parents will see great value in encouraging creativity in their children. We believe that children who are encouraged to dream and create become great visionaries and leaders as they grow, having confidence in their own self expression. At WEAVE+WONDER we are passionate about children and creativity!
I am looking forward to posting some feedback from parents and children about our holiday workshops in the comming days!