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Thanks so much for visiting weave+wonder. We have a new online home here. Please jump on over and follow us there. Our facebook page remains the same.


weekday weave

I find that, once out of the regular habit of something, it is such a struggle to launch back into it. There is much creative experimentation quietly happening amid the family chaos + small business juggle around here...it is high time I shared a few snaps!

I must confess to a little instagram obsession of late. It fits my everyday like a glove in terms of ease and useability - I'm taking photographs all the time as I document my creative process and instagram just gives me a quick and easy way of sharing. Connecting with other creative + encouraging voices is a nice bonus too!
So if you'd like to follow along, I am @mguyatt rather than weaveandwonder....
That said, some of these creative meanderings have been posted on instagram already!

:: vessels seem to have a way of multiplying here! My passion + enjoyment of late is experiementing with unusual materials...this one is made using garden tie!

:: of course, christmas classes are in a frenzy of experimentation + lesson planning - more on this very soon!

:: little sculptures pop up around my home, generally crafted when I am sitting in the car waiting for someone or other to finish some activity!! An art catalogue became a geometric sculpture, now perched above my light switch.

:: bags and totes are made here with similar regularity..always experimenting with new designs and materials. This beautiful soft leather fold over clutch is a new favourite!

:: a wonderful new custom design shelf is gracing our home, made using beautiful strong leather strap...such a lovely textural detail to compliment our ever-changing collections! [The wire sculpture 'hope' is by my daughter in creative response to my wire word making] I have had interest in custom orders for both the shelves + the wire word sculpture, feel free to email me if you are interested!

the long pause

[a screen shot of the new website photo gallery]

There is a wonderful reason for the long blog silence i promise...we are humming away in the background trying to get the new website up and running! It will have the ability to book in to classes online and also have a shop facility - so very exciting!
Balancing the brain-stretching of web design are the increasingly popular weave+wonder art parties and workshops - such fun to meet + work with wonderfully creative children + adults!

[super-fun private scarf printing class!]

[recent clay workshop for adults]

We are currently designing new + exciting christmas classes and hope to launch the website coinciding with the release of these classes so that we can test out the new booking process - it will be so much more streamline for customer and us!
Thanks for your patience and see you here...or there so very soon xx

holiday class wrap up IIII * handmade scarf printing

Our first time printing beautiful sheer cotton scarves and the results are stunning! I would wear any one of them!
The combination of bright pops of colour and the beauty of a childlike hand at printing created these wonderful handmade works of art!
We took our inspiration from the famous textile designer Marimekko, and hand cut potato stamps with our chosen design. The children were encouraged to work on their pattern repeat on paper before proceeding with colour choice and stamping their design with fabric paint directly on to their scarves.

holiday class wrap up III * wire sculpture

Oh my! This class was such a fun class! Something quite different where the children created their own wire garden atop one of weave+wonder's well-known logs! Inspired by the famous wire sculpture of Alexander Calder, the children were asked to experiment + minipulte the wire into any form they wished to begin, and we followed this up with technique on how to form flowers. The finished product looked amazing, each child focusing on the techniques + forms that most inspired them! I was super impressed!
We display our sculpture at home under a glass cloche - makes my children extra proud of their work!

holiday class wrap up II * collage

On the first Monday of the school holidays, we kicked off our holiday classes with back to back collage classes!
Inspired by the wonderful Georgia Okeefe and her large format paintings of enlarged blossoms, we created our own spring garden, layering and tearing tissue to create graded colour and texture.
The results were wonderful, especially mounted on our sturdy ply canvas!


There was a brief moment of holiday bliss in our 'anything-but-ordinary' holiday. I find myself remembering those peaceful and uncomplicated moments with sand between my toes or listening to my children splash contentedly while my hands are busy making...even one horizontal moment with the afternoon sun and a book. Ahh holidays...come back again soon!

holiday class wrap up I * Fashion

Deepest appologies for the delay in posting about our wonderful school holiday classes!
First up, a review on the sensational fashion design series. The feedback we received was so positive - a great 'taster' course for those interested in fashion as a career or those just starting to show an interest! The course is jam-packed with a wealth of useful information. The ever-talented Melanie Finger, fashion designer for Australia Zoo's Bindiwear and several of her own labels, including Nieve as well as a TAFE-qualified fashion design teacher. Melanie has designed a comprehensive + fun series enjoyed by all - we will run this successful series again next year!
In Melanie's words....

I had a wonderful three days with 6 very talented young ladies!

On day one we explored why people wear what they wear, where and how to look for inspiration (sorry if they have started cutting up your good magazines!) and began doodling in our own way. What emerged straight away were well thought out inspired designs – what a delight to see that talent!

On Day Two we looked at professional fashion illustration and how we can express our designs. We whipped out watercolour, oil pastels, turps, pens and pencils and after careful use of the light box with our favourite drawing, the girls were straight into creating a masterpiece! I hope you are very proud of what they produced!

On Day Three we talked about colour and fabrics and how much of an impact if can have on your designs. We chose a colour palette for our theme and then began the process of refining the designs and presenting as a final fashion illustration. As you can see from the photos – the results were extraordinary!

Thank you for entrusting your children to me – it was a delightful time. I really hope they are enjoying the journals and the extra work I included.
I just loved the way the girls worked at home in between class and were so excited about showing me their discoveries – such a motivated group!

Hope to see you again in another series!